Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine

All the red things I'm loving today

I attempted a Valentines Day project, making felt candy hearts, but I started too late, I have to start projects at least 6 weeks out. With this one, I ran out of time and thread... and energy. I thought of the idea, then searched for photos and found this one. Jennifer told me about the water soluble pen for embroidery, so my letters are a little more neat, but I think that's because I'm a perfectionist and pulled out almost as many stitches as I made. I only had the correct color for the pink heart, so this is the only one I actually finished...

I'm now crazy about crocheting hearts... I made this valentines card for Zac. I crocheted the heart with embroidery thread using this tutorial, and cut the letters from a magazine. I love how it turned out, I want to make more shapes and possibly sell the cards?!? Thoughts...

I also made a heart garland using this tutorial, which is the same pattern just with yarn instead of thread

Hope you are all having a great Valentines Day!