Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Million Dollar Blanket

I can't describe how nice it is to FINALLY sit under this blanket. I started it when I was 7 months pregnant with Silas in 2009. I had just finished crocheting his baby blanket and was on a roll. But, well, then I had the baby, and all motivation went out the window.

So after moving into our new place in Maryland I realized just how for off track I became with most of my projects while I was in Germany, there was too much inspiration around me, I wanted to do too much and I started WAY too many projects. So here I sit with a backlog of projects to clear up space in the office/crafting room in our house. and well, I'm proud to show my first big finish.

Made from 100% organic cotton yarn (aka super super soft) this blanket feels like a million bucks (and cost a pretty penny too). But it was SO worth it. It's 6' long! Long enough for my gangly body to fit under and wide enough for a twin bed (as if I'd ever relinquish it to a child though, ha!) And honestly, it's the only thing I've crocheted for myself (other than a scarf) I'm so proud!

It really came in handy yesterday when I was feeling like I couldn't peel myself from the couch or I'd fall over from exhaustion. But I'm back to 100% today and motivated to pick another half-finished project to get moving on (but after all the christmas crafting of course :)

Etsy orders here I come! (Another hat sold today, yes!)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Felt Ornament Inspiration

I love the creativity here. I may end up buying a few of these if I run out of time, but I'd like to try making them first...
From StudioTree. Set of 3 Retro Ornaments

From Bloom and Barnacle: A felt stocking, from recycled sweaters, genius!

From Dekapo: Felt Christmas lights! So colorful and bright.

From Shroompers: Felt baby sprout, perfect for the baby-on-the-way :)

From KatieCanavan: Even your tree can have a mustache!

I also searched for a felt pickle to use as an ornament, remember the German pickle story??? I couldn't find a good one. the search is on for a felt pickle pattern =]

Christmas Sewing is Underway

This custom order from my Etsy shop (12-18 month baby slippers) has brought out the Christmas sewing in me. Oh the grand plans I want to set myself up for... But I won't. Outside of orders from Etsy, I want to make a 2012 felt ornament and LOOK for ideas for stockings to make for my kids, I'm not promising to make on in time, but I will take notes.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Smallest Sophia Owl

I finally have a really good pattern that goes as small and newborn for my owl hats. This was my first order for this winter, so I decided to change things up a bit and do color at the bottom instead of the neutral I generally end my hats with. I love making the NB and 0-3 month hats, so tiny and cute! As usual, the Sophia color way is the most popular! Looking to purchase one? See my Etsy listings.

Go Lions!

Christmas gifts for a friend... I came up with these (I made one for a 1 year old and one for a 3 year old) because she told me her nephews like the Lions, I'm not sayng I'm going to be making NFL themed hats, but if you have any ideas, I can try! Hope you like then Jenn!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Blog!

I'm going to try two blogs now, one for crafty stuff, toddler/kid activities, possibly family meals thrown in every once in a while. The other for my family stuff, I'll be doing by invite only. Let me know if you want to follow us (I'll need you email address) and I'll send you an email.

Most of the older posts here are copied from my old blog (The Black Forrist) and back dated properly.

I think this way I won't feel pressured to keep up with family endeavors at the same speed I keep up with posting about my handmade harvest.

I love comments, I feel loved!