Thursday, March 31, 2011

TOP 75... I made it! PLEASE VOTE!

Whoa, I'm shocked. My fabric design "A Few Of My Favorite Things" made it to the top 75 fabric choices for the Project Selvage contest!

Take a moment to vote for as many fabric as you like.

Thanks to Jessica for posting about this. I didn't realize I had even made it till I read it on her blog!

Photographer: Vivian Maier

Amazing photos, neat story.

Found via Lady Croissant.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project Selvage... 1 or 2?

Still working on my initial fabric design for Project Selvage. Tomorrow is the deadline for entries. EEEK!

Option 1: (no changes, same as before)
No time for major changes any more... but I'm leaning towards #2... anyone have thoughts to share???

SO many options for coordinating fabrics... fun fun fun!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Endeavors: When it rains in pours.

Were you wondering what's been keeping me from blogging?

I've been doing this really great course called Indie Business, attempting to learn how to have a small business for REALZ. It started March 1st and there has been a lesson every day (I'm about 7 lessons behind). 6 weeks in total, LOTS of information.

First project was to create a binder to keep yourself organized.

I had just bought a scrap book paper set, which I never do, but it was perfect timing! The colors were perfect for me! I also covered an old binder with brown paper just like you do the first day of school with your text books... back in school again =].

Our instructor had us make dividers with tabs... I won't be buying any more dividers in the future, these are WAY better!

And, what's a crafty photo shoot without my side kick... RIGHT behind me. He was generous enough to let me use is play are for my photos anyway!

I've seriously fallen behind on the projects for this course due to a higher calling =]

You all know of Spoonflower right? I vote every week for the new themed fabrics, always thinking "I wish I could do that". WELL... I read that Michael Miller is partnering with Spoonflower on a contest for "baby boy" themed fabric, called Project Selvage. I instantly knew I had to take part. Deadline for submissions is March 24th... I've spent every free second over the last 2 weeks creating little images for my fabric "A Few of My Favorite Things". I just finished what I think I want to submit:

You can see more of the repeat on the Spoonflower website, although I'm attempting to make a free flowing pattern in time since that's really what's hot at the moment. Everything I do ends up more geometric though, grrr! Come March 31st, if I've made it in the top 75 designs, voting will be open to the public for 1 week. Top 10 designs get to make a full "boy" line, 6 fabrics, for submission, and the winner gets to make the girl version and have a contract with Michael Miller! They'll be printed for the Quilt Market in Houston this summer!

Any ideas on changes to the fabric??? I've scrutinized everything about it too many times to look at it much more... I'd appreciate any input.