Friday, November 19, 2010

Things are selling on Etsy!

First up are these baby shoes. I had to improvise on the size because I usually make 6-12 month slippers, but these are for a baby that was born in October, so I found the applicable size, and altered my pattern, hope they fit! They are lined inside with fleece and flannel on the back and on the sole. Ho ho ho little Niko!
I also sold my first pair of these in the 6-12 month size on my Etsy shop this week for the first time too! Yay!

And for the owl hats... I decided the eyes with the off center pupil are way better, so all the new hats are getting these now. Here's a hat for 5 year old Hallie, who's a bit of a tomboy... not too girly I hope.

And this is for Niko's older sister Sophia, 3 years old and girly as they come.
I'm nearly finished with another hat with this same color scheme and have 2 more orders, also with these colors! Ranging from 3-6 months all the way to an adult sized hat... it's a popular color combo!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Motivated to finish projects: a good feeling!

I've been in lazy mode the past few weeks, but this week for some reason I have fire under my buns! I have started a bunch of new projects and am proud to show the ones I finished this week. I'm always inspired to get moving on projects for Sew and Tell Fridays over at Amylouwho's wonderful blog.

First off, a brand new hat... new size, new yarn, new eyes... just finished this today! (Guess this is crochet and tell, but I think it still counts)
This is the first 3-6 month size hat I've made. It's quite small and is made to fit on a 14"-17" head. I just bought the yellow yarn at the shop the other day. I had already finished up most of the hat when I bought it, otherwise I may have added it into the rows as well, it's very mellow yellow and yummy, I can foresee it being the beak on most hats from now on at the very least. Also, I had an idea about making the eyes with an off-centered pupil, which worked great, but I had to make the white of the eye stand out this time since it was on a white hat, so this little girl gets eye liner, haha! It will be up in my NEW ETSY SHOP very soon =] (more on that further down)

Last night I finished my third hat like this. It's the first one to sell off my new Etsy store I opened last month, I also sold one to a friend, Kim, for her 1 year old daughter, so I made two of these this week!

The same friend who ordered the owl hat, asked me to make a Jack Skellington hat for her son. A little late for Halloween, but it's not for that, it's just because it's his favorite movie, he's got good taste! I finished both hats for Kim last night.

I made another hooded towel for Silas, this time with a bigger hood he can grow into a bit. I love this new striped towel from Martha Stuart, it's perfect for my boy! I love how easy and quick these towels are, although this time I used the hand towel length wise so it would be big... because he really will be a big boy before I know it... boo!

Another thing I've been procrastinating on posting is my inevitable dive into selling on Etsy. Remember my post about a new obsession with cuckoo clocks? Well I wasn't happy with using "Cheerio Chicken" anymore, I don't even like chickens... So I thought I would go a different route with using cuckoo in some way, keeping with the "Black Forrist" theme I already have going. About a month of deliberation and a random phone call to my sister and I got "Cuckoo Kinder", and it all came together. Anyone have a good place to get garment labels made?
I made the logo using mostly the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator, and a lot of inspiration from found cuckoo clock images. Now I am thinking of turning the bird into an owl though since my specialty is the owl hat... (also, I just added a link to my store so if you need a darling hat... adult sizes are on their way... go check it out, though it's sparse at the moment since all hats I'm currently making are special orders)