Sunday, April 3, 2011

Retro Hausfrau Apron and Pot-Holders

Finally... I get to show my latest sewing project!

It was a bridal shower gift for one of my favorite people alive, Janine! Theme was 50s house wife and it too place today, but I made it weeks ago.

Idea came from here. I asked the seller to make one in colors similar to this, she didn't have anything to offer, so I drew up a pattern and made one. (I also bought fabric to make two more, I love this design!)

I started calling this a "retro diner apron" but really it's more hausfrau-ish, no? No good photo of the whole thing... They just didn't come out well and I sent it off before I could shoot more.

I threw these together with a hand towel and left over fabric based off of a pair I use in my kitchen daily. I'm calling them "pincher pot-holders"... do you know of or have a different name for them?

I think I'm in love with this fabric.