Friday, January 28, 2011

So Far in the New Year...

More gloves! Simple change from making the main color purple to light grey... big difference though.

Also, I now have a pattern for small and medium/large gloves too... yay!


NEW hat... A spiral gnome inspired hat... super easy to make. I want to try it with 3 colors next


This is me, spending too much time on color combos. I'm odd, my favorite part is putting the colors together in different combinations. I've photographed 25 color ways. Ultimately, I'd like for customers to be able to choose from these instead of making the same hats over and over. I'm obsessive over color. Can you tell?


Color: Chartreuse Buzzard. Another order from a friend who happens to be a wonderful photographer.


Custom order: BIG eyes. 6-12 month hat. She wanted them bigger, and this is what I came up with. I like it, but will offer both big and small eyes still.

9-18 month hat and scarf set in THE most popular color way, Sophia. I omitted the white in the hat for these smaller sizes, I think it pops the eyes a bit more. Also GOOD NEWS, I came up with an all new pattern that may work nicely into a written pattern! I'm motivated to make a comprehensive pattern for this hat (and scarf too if need be) Stay tuned...


And saving the best for last, I started making crocheted hearts for Valentines day again. And following suit, it's too late to actually sell anything in time for the big day of celebrating hearts. It dawned on me to make some into earring last night after I used a fabric stiffener on them, but am not worried about selling these cuz they are kind of my new favorite thing, other than my new tunic top of course... and my darling boy, and extraordinary husband. I have lots of my favorite list at the moment.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dusting off the Sewing Machine: The Socialite Dress

My sewing machine was missing me. I finally got off my busy crocheting behind and created a perfect marriage with Anna Maria Horner's Socialite Dress pattern and Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow fabric. It only took me two weeks to make, but I finally finished it yesterday and am already wearing it!

I love the versatility of this dress, which I actually made into a tunic since I'll never wear this without pants... haha. I haven't made the fabric belt to go with it yet, but I have a good collection of vintage skinny belts that match beautifully! And for colder weather is GREAT under a cardigan. I had a rough time with the arm hole facing, the written instructions aren't the clearest for a beginner, but now that I know what I'm doing I'll be sure to make more and adjust bits and pieces to fit me better.

I added a piece at the bottom because I cut it too short, the pockets would have stuck out the bottom, but I actually like it this way!

I'm motivated to sew now... we'll see what else I can put together!