Monday, December 27, 2010

Xmas gifts I couldn't post... till now

My boy is wearing his hat, though I was distracting him from watching his new Elmo DVD his Nana sent, so he was not too pleased... here's a few images of gifts I made this year:
Silas' Panda Hat

New color scheme for the Owl Hat... Purple Pear!

A few Freyja Fingerlass Gloves went out...

A cute set of Retro Dishcloths

and a Beehive and Bear Potholder set... There are others, but I haven't finished them, sorry folks! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

oh... that wasn't enough pictures for you? see more on my Flickr

Friday, December 10, 2010

Felt Penguin and lots-o-crochet

Although I have too many felt project lined up, I just bought this pattern last night and HAD to make them right away! The pattern was very easy to follow and I made these two "baby penguins" in about and hour and a half. I really need to start using wool felt though, acrylic pulls apart far too easily on these tiny pieces (these guys are only about 2" tall). With a clip attached to the bottom, these would make a great ornament!

The Frejya Fingerless Glove gets an upgrade...
I lengthened the shell stitches, switched up my hook size and changed up the part going up the arm a bit... which I can make in any length *hint, hint*
This pair was a custom order a friend asked me to make for her because her hands get cold at work while she types... good idea! She asked for them in November and I am just now getting them to her... ugh! In my defense, Silas is now on his third round of antibiotics for his ear infection... so the little guy has been extra needy, and not sleeping well. We are just keeping out fingers crossed that this time it clears up so we don't have to resort to having tubes put in, yikes!

These hats may be getting old by now, but they are selling... so I keep making them. This color scheme I have now made in every size, newborn right up to this adult size hat. And since I designed it for a little girl named Sophia, that is now what this set of colors will be called... Sophia... fitting I think.

This was another custom order but from an order through Etsy. I had fun making this one since it was so bright and cheerful! This is another adult size hat. More adults want this hat for themselves it seems! haha.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Owl hats for the whole Family

Yes, more hats. This is not for Zac, but I did plead with him to model it for me. And it got me a new order for one just like it! This was a custom order for a friend in Navada. I'm now getting more adult hat orders than baby or child hats!
I LOVE the colors in this one. Perfect for a guy, but I actually made it for a girl. She'll soon be hitting the Tahoe slopes in it =] Jealous!!!

And I'm pleased to share my new toddler scarf design! I just put it together yesterday afternoon and I'm in love with the design. I really want to make a wider one for an adult...
This is also a custom order for a friend here in Germany in size 3-6 months. I re-made this hat 3 times to get it right!!! But the bright side is that I ended up with a hat that will fit a new born in the process, and I actually wrote down the pattern for this size, and for the new born size, so I don't make the same mistakes again. Ugh!