Friday, September 10, 2010

Making things once again

Hold the press... I also started making stuff again. I'm planning to sell things at the Art & Espresso at the Swabian Inn Oct 14-16th, so I figured I better bust my buns, or my hands rather, heh. This is one of three nursing covers I made this week. (the others are double sided!)
And I'm making Owl hats again! I've altered the old pattern, that I never finished, a bit and took more photos. I decided to crochet eyes rather than sew on buttons that can become a choking hazard, Silas pulled one of his nearly off the other day but I cut it loose before tragedy struck. I should be able to have a hard copy of a pattern with two sizes at least, by the end of the month. I just finished this guy today and am already over half way done with another in a different color scheme. I really love these hats!

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