Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sizing up

I'm having trouble making this hat in the next size up... So Silas gets to wear his old hat from spring still. It's snug, but fits alright. We have a handy balcony sandbox for the rainy days... Silas loves it! (But lugging a 50lb bag of sand up stair while carrying a 28lb boy was really tough)

And tonight, I made a super warm pair of slippers for Silas. totally lined with fleece! Baby shoes are back in business people. I have a new motivation for making them... I now have an etsy store! Well, It's not open yet, but I saved the name and all... so, not much longer now and you too can have snuggly toasty baby feet, amongst other items for your munchkin!
Also new: Leather toes! This keeps the fabric from getting wholes, and it's real leather... super soft!

These are going to the A&E this month... but honestly, I won't mind if they don't sell! And If they do, well, I have the pattern, I can make LOTS more =]

Frejya Fingerless Gloves

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