Friday, June 17, 2011

Fathers Day Gift: Kindle Cover

 Silas made my job easy this year. He broke Zac's Kindle cover a few weeks ago. He created to perfect gift opportunity for me. Thanks Silas!

I found quite a few listings on etsy, but designed mine based off the pictures in this one. Not knowing anything about the construction I just started cutting pieces out and sewing.

I managed to make more mistakes on the project than I ever have before and STILL had it turn out to be salvageable. And best part is, Zac started using it right away! That pocket on the front was meant for the back. oops. But the charging cord fits, that's all that matters, right? And the double layer of Peltex 70 was a challenge to work, but I ended up piecing the second layer in where the extra stability is needed instead of using the full length of the cover twice.

I used an old scrap of black fabric with tiny brown pin stripes that seams especially manly to me. I didn't have black elastic, so I used a sporty headband I had set aside for sewing a flower or something onto, but this was an even better use. The rubber on it is perfect for keeping the Kindle in place. I ran out though, so plan B was the strap across the top which has elastic in it for a snug fit.

I added the extra pocket behind the Kindle for an extra secure storage option for long hauls when it may need to be extra safe from destruction, i.e. sticky toddler fingers. There's lots of quirks to work out on this design, but it made Zac's day, so I'm stoked! (yes, he got it early because I thought LAST weekend was father's day, heh)

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Adrienne said...

I LOVE this!! You've inspired me to try to make one. I'm not sure when I'll get too try it, but now I know that I want to. So cool! It turned out great!