Friday, February 4, 2011

A Royal Mug Rug and Lots of Mini Hearts

JUST finished this mug rug set with Castle Peeps! It's a Christmas gift. I used no-slip fabric in the center of each back so when my sister has them on a tray they won't slide around. I thought it was a good idea until I realized I couldn't machine sew the people in place... I had to do it by hand! Ahhhh! I hadn't embroidered the second one until yesterday while Silas was at daycare. I'm so thankful for daycare =]

More heart earrings. The pretty card idea is all Kristen. But I love it, and am going to use it.

This purple pair is delightfully dark.

I ran out of pretty flower playing cards... so plan B: scrap book paper. I also listed a made to order pair of earrings on Etsy with an image of all the available colors.

And so that brings us to today. I made cards. I love the look of two yarns together.

I wasn't feeling overly creative on the computer today so I used all my same designs from my St. Patty's cards from last year.

Another thing to be proud of this week: I finally uploaded and organized most of my sewing and crochet photos on my flickr account! Woooot! I'm also in the middle of a long and tedious process of weeding out my hundreds of tags here on blogger. I want to categorize into smaller groups and re-vamp the blog soon. Oh how I love the "new year" fire under my buns.

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