Thursday, December 29, 2011

Xmas Craft Round Up

Somehow I made it through this month with something to show, but not nearly as much as I had hoped or planned, typical! But here's why...

The week before Christmas, aka MY crafting week, after I finished Xmas Etsy orders and made it to the one party we had to attend, I woke up early Monday morning with a terrible need to pee. As with most women in their third trimester of pregnancy, this is not abnormal, but the following events surely weren't part of your every day pregnancy.

Long story short, I wound up in the hospital for 5 days with a kidney stone, came home Friday because I refused to spend Christmas in the hospital (though I did spend my wedding anniversary there). I was only allowed to have a pain killer that would merely dull the pain at home, and was unable to move for the most part. I got the best gift of the year on Xmas Eve when I passed the stone mid-day and was able to stop taking narcotics. Those things can really mess a person up! I truly feel giving birth this time around will not be quite the ordeal the kidney stone was, it's true 100% that the pain is equal to that of labor. Christmas Day I was starting to feel like my old pregnant self again, waddling here and there, but still sluggish. And finally, today almost a week later, I have energy to do more than just make it through the day. Hence the blog post, yay!

So although I have no ornaments or crafting purely for joy to share, these are the orders I managed to finished.

Baby Slippers: 6-12 months

Lots of Owl Hats:
Introducing new color schemes: "Lily" in Childs Large

...and "Olivia" in Teen

Another of the ever popular "Sophia" in Adult Large (I made three of these exact ones)

...and one in Toddler

And for the first time in a few years, I made scarves! 

This one was a thank you gift for the wonderful lady who watched Silas the week I was in the hospital.
I'm calling it the "Chain Scarf". It's not super warm, more a decorative design, with a removable flower to boot!

This one is a self tasseling scarf from the Happy Hooker crochet book. I love the stripes, but it's a bit rigid, so I went back to the drawing board.

...and came up with this. I called it the "Flex Scarf" because it's very flexible and cuddly. It couldn't be more simple. If you know crocheting, you can see in the close up it's simply a single crochet and a chain stitch repeated row after row. It works up very fast!

The scarf and gloves were commissioned by a friend probably 2 months ago to match a Sophia Owl Hat for a complete set. I fell so far behind but I'm glad I had time to rework them because the stretchy new scarf I came up with led me to remake the Frejya glove pattern and use the same combination of stitches for the wrist. It's a LOT better.

I also have a new sizing chart for the Owl Hats which allows for the hats to fit much more loosely, hoping they will in turn be a bit warmer. I'll change up the sizing chart on Etsy too and add a tab here for it. The more I rework these patterns, the more confident I become in my actual pattern, hoping it will one day push me to actually write the pattern I meant to write years ago... one day, it will happen!

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