Saturday, May 1, 2010

M is for May!

... and for Mother... and Made by hand! My motivation for making tutorials at the moment is stemming from my procrastination on a project that's been in the works for over a month, but I'm so fed up with it, I needed a break! So, with no further rambling... lets make some Mother's Day cards!

This project is perfect for small scraps of fabric or printed paper (the striped one is scrap booking paper from Cosmo Cricket)

OK, materials:

- Your card, printed and folded in half.
(I used Myriad Pro in bold because it's so blocky, or you can use the image below I uploaded. It's 5.35" x 4", so your card will have to be twice that size in width or length to print it)
- A piece of card stock slightly smaller than the cover of your card.*
- Fabric of choice, cut large enough to cover the entire "M" area.
- Glue, tacky glue warps less than Elmer's
- X-acto knife (I'm not crazy about this new one, I lost my old one and may have to replace this one)
- * Option: Instead of fabric, if you use printed paper you won't need this.

1- Using a small metal ruler (best if it has cork on the back to keep it in place) cut just outside the black lines of your M.
2- Remove the M, toss it.

3- Glue the back of the fabric, just a small amount.
4- Place your fabric in the center of the card stock. Glue around the back of the M and the edge of the front side of your fabric covered card stock.

Place the card stock, centered on the back side of the front of your card. Re-fold, and viola... your personalized card! Place it under a heavy book or other very flat surface for 30 minutes or so.

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