Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy Sewing Bee

I swear I am doing other things than JUST sewing... We did take a nice 45 minute walk today to smell the lilac scented breeze and touch some plants in the lovely sunshine. After I stopped and turned Silas' stroller seat to face forward, he discovered the joy of staring at dogs and cats and squealing at them... too bad I can only understand when the German's say how sweet he is... and nothing else, it would be a great way to have conversation with my neighbors.

Anyway... I WAS making things for the Art& Espresso (it's not longer happening) so when Silas took three naps today, I was a busy bee. Nap #1... I did the dishes AND recreated another headband style from one I bought at H&M:
...and for nap 2, I decided to try a 2 sided headband... it's kinda bulky, I probably won't make another one, but I wear mine scrunched up, it would be fine if it's worn open. I like the green stitching =]
And during nap 3 I started these, then finished them after he nodded off... my first girl style. I can't help but make mostly boy styles, I haven't really bought a ton of girly fabrics with a small enough print for shoes... but I had this on hand and got the peachy pink lining for it the other day.
These have fleece on the inside of the sole again, and the no-slip bottoms. I perfected one aspect of the design on this pair, but still want to fiddle with one part, although they are great as is, I'm a total nut about design, so if something can be better, I am determined to make it better... yeah, in short I'm a perfectionist. When I'm really happy with them, I'll probably give up my tutorial... but I will definitely sell these at the shop. I have the 6-12 month size, about a size 3... just under 5" long, down pat... next I'll figure out the 12-18, or size 4.

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