Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Slippers + The Towel Bib

I've been doing everything except blogging... All my internet time has been devoted to searching for a place to stay in Barcelona for July because right after Zac gets back we're flying there for a week! Booya! So, the rest of my time (Silas' few naps he's willing to take these days) has been spent either in the sun or sewing a little. Luckily baby slippers only take two hours or so... I can finish one pair in a day! haha. These are the newest pair...

These two already found their way to the shop... and more ARE on their way, when, who knows... but they will get there eventually.

I love this fabric Christy, Zac's mom, sent... it's for my Alphabet quilt, which is another "back burner project" at the moment... Silas won't know his ABC's for a while yet... I have time, right?

On to other sewing projects... I copied a bib someone gave to that looked like a little tuxedo (Kelly?) that fits over Silas like a shirt because it's the only bib he's not obsessed with trying to pull off. So, my rendition is reversible! I took all the photos to make a tutorial for this miracle bib... but I have the baby shoe tutorial to write up first... so anyone wanting it may have to wait a while.
Front with fork and spoon has a "food pocket" at the bottom. Then turn it inside out, un-snap the pocket... and voila... an apron for messy projects with a toddler... eh? Silas doesn't mind wearing it, that's the miracle part of it all =]

He want to feed himself much more now and finding foods he won't squish in his hands and can be picked up easily is tough. Here he's eating black eye peas and green been, both of which, surprisingly, he likes. Then he's there attempting to feed himself, notice the empty bowl... he typically throws it on the ground right after doing this, maybe he's frustrated that he can't actually get the food from the bowl to his mouth yet...