Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Million Dollar Blanket

I can't describe how nice it is to FINALLY sit under this blanket. I started it when I was 7 months pregnant with Silas in 2009. I had just finished crocheting his baby blanket and was on a roll. But, well, then I had the baby, and all motivation went out the window.

So after moving into our new place in Maryland I realized just how for off track I became with most of my projects while I was in Germany, there was too much inspiration around me, I wanted to do too much and I started WAY too many projects. So here I sit with a backlog of projects to clear up space in the office/crafting room in our house. and well, I'm proud to show my first big finish.

Made from 100% organic cotton yarn (aka super super soft) this blanket feels like a million bucks (and cost a pretty penny too). But it was SO worth it. It's 6' long! Long enough for my gangly body to fit under and wide enough for a twin bed (as if I'd ever relinquish it to a child though, ha!) And honestly, it's the only thing I've crocheted for myself (other than a scarf) I'm so proud!

It really came in handy yesterday when I was feeling like I couldn't peel myself from the couch or I'd fall over from exhaustion. But I'm back to 100% today and motivated to pick another half-finished project to get moving on (but after all the christmas crafting of course :)

Etsy orders here I come! (Another hat sold today, yes!)


Corinnea said...

It's gorgeous! Well done!

I know just what you mean about the back log... I've been hard at work on mine too. Keep it up, it feels good to get old things done.

pearlswirl said...

Kara, this blanket is soo beautiful. We have one in my family that my Great Grandma made for my Grandpa and it is a family treasure. I'm sure yours will be for generations as well. I featured you on my blog and gave a little award! Go take a look. :)